What kind of photographs am I buying?

You are looking at a piece of art. These photographs are printed in high quality paper, and they are limited editions of 100 worldwide, with an official certificate and signature.

Can I return the product?

As you are buying a piece of art, we don’t accept returns or exchanges. The photograph is very fragile, and you will receive it directly from one of the best image laboratories in Spain. So, this is not an article that can be returned.

Is the photograph framed?

At this moment we are only selling the photograph without frame. We believe there are too many options to framing, and this choice should depend more on the design of the space that you prefer.

Are you always using the same museum grade paper?

At this moment we are using two different types of paper, with the highest quality available in the market. But if you are interested in in a particular type, please contact us and we will try to fit the photograph on this paper, quality permitting.

Are you using other supports, such as aluminium?

We can do it! Just contact us with your request.

We always recommend to not use this kind of support in photographs with more than 100 cm of measurement.

Can I change the measurements?

At this moment we choose the perfect measurements for each photograph. But if you have a special request, write to us and we will try to resolve the requirement.

Are you shipping worldwide?

We are almost shipping worldwide from Spain, but as we are starting,  just to avoid any problems with customs costs, if you are living outside of the European Union or in some places in Europe (Andorra, Canary Islands, Ceuta y Melilla, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland…), you will not be able to do the checkout, but no worries, just get in contact with us to calculate the cost of the shipment and the rate of the customs of your country.
We are working to offer the cost of the shipment at the moment of the checkout as soon as we can.

How are you sending the photograph?

At the moment a customer makes a purchase, the laboratory receives the order and starts to print it. They are professionals and will fit the photo in a rigid tube with a special paper inside it. So, your photo will arrive in perfect condition.

We must remind you that you cannot touch the photo, that it’s better if you open it directly at the framer shop, and don’t leave the photograph for a long time in the tube because the paper is very particular and may take a curved form.

How can I pay for the product?

Through the STRIPE platform we accept all credits cards, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express and other payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or klarna option in tree months. STRIPE  is very secure and efficient.
We also accept bank transfers or Paypal for any special requirements.

How can I have my invoice if I have a VAT number from the European Union?

Please contact us before purchasing to make the correct invoice if you have a VAT number. We are still working to offer this option at the checkout as soon as we can, but in the meanwhile you will have to get in contact with us before.